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Update 11/07/2017
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148 ข้อความ

  1. 148
    Khoo Seng Kian ksk_kaye@yahoo.com 25/09/2017 17:59
    Hi Natt,
    Thanks a lot on the arrangement for the 2 days tour. I and my mum enjoyed very much.
    Definitely will recommend you to my friends if anyone of them would like to travel to Krabi.
    Adam Khoo
  2. 147
    LALITHA RAMADAS pluspointhr@gmail.com hr@pluspoint.com. 13/09/2017 10:53

    Thanks we were enjoy our trip this time. Nice arrangement. we happy. Some of my friends are interesting to visit Krabi, for sure i will introducing you. 








    TEL 03- 8723 2700 , FAX 8723 2698

    EMAIL: pluspointhr@gmail.com hr@pluspoint.com.my

  3. 146
    Frank Tan frankt@lifechurch.org.sg 14/07/2017 18:51

  4. 145
    Neo Jess jacinta_neo@yahoo.com.sg 14/07/2017 18:49

    😊😊Thanks Natt for having our church camp went smoothly. We greatly greatly appreciated from our first trip to krabi last year Nov, follow by Frank & Edison recee trip and lastly our June camp for all wonderful arrangement, hospitality and fulfilment to our requests. We apologize if we had made any requests that causes difficulty at your end. Once again we thank you very much and krabi smile staff. 

    We look forward to see you again. God bless 🙏

  5. 144
    Edison Tay tayjiewen@gmail.com 14/07/2017 18:47

    😁😊Thanks Natt for your warm hospitality showed to us during our Krabi trip, and much appreciated your kindness in accommodating to our every requests, and extended your helps  to us in any ways you could.. May God bless you and your staffs (especially our nice tour guides Din & Ken).. 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  6. 143
    Richy danlending@yahoo.com 27/06/2017 06:55

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  7. 142
    Emilia Jami nuremiliajamil@icloud.com 25/04/2017 21:27

    Hi Natt,

    Thankyou for everything tour when smoothly...Me and husband really enjoy it..We will come back to Krabi for sure...Thanks and have a great day ahead!



  8. 141
    Adli saiful.adli@elektrisola.my 10/03/2017 06:05

    Gudday Natt, 

    We are back to work as usual now. Its a little bit tired from the trip. But most important, everyone are happy. 

    In overall, i personally feel happy with your service and its definitely worth to be recommend. 

    The selection of food and restaurant from the package were great. Good environment, friendly and flexible guide etc. 

    For your guide (Nick, Abidin, Kent), we are satisfied with their service and support and we think that you had 

    a good guide and hope they are happy with us too. 

    Definitely worth for us to recommend to other people here if its come to Krabi / Phuket trip. 

    Thanks again Natt and hope to see you again in the future. 




  9. 140
    chu fui kuen amicochu@hotmail.com 07/02/2017 11:28

    Overall everything is a fine and smooth. Thankful to Mr Ding for his patience and attentive care.

    Hope to see you again

    Thanks again


  10. 139
    Cheok cheok@corpapp.com 07/02/2017 11:26

    Dear Natt 

    Thank you for your kind arrangement and we are much happy with it despite that we are unable to visit the Cave near National park due to the absent of the local tour lady .

    Will recommend you to our friends who wanted to visit Krabi in future. 

    Thank you .

    Cheok <cheok@corpapp.com>

  11. 138
    Florence florencelim_94@hotmail.com 30/01/2017 17:19

    Hi Natt,

    My families and I did enjoyed well for the tour.

    However, we had missed out the light lunch on the 1st day as the shop was closed, the tour guide said will replace it to us on the last day of the tour. But I think since last day you send a taxi to pick us, the taxi driver was not informed about the lunch. 

    Further, on the itinerary, it is written that on the last day we are supposed to visit some local market and outlet mall, the driver did not send us there too.. We only visited Big C.

    Other than that, the services was good and the tour was well enjoyed! 

    Thanks and regards 


  12. 137
    Muhammad Abidin toabidin@gmail.com 19/12/2016 18:08

    Dear Mr. Natt,

    Our customers are fully satisfied with your service, they have described it as fantastic trip. Thank you very much, its good doing business with you. Shall push more people to Krabi. Cheers!

    Muhammad Abidin

  13. 136
    Jagathesan Veera Cha agathesanvc@gmail.com 30/11/2016 06:16

    Thanks alot Mr Natt......

    Its was a wonderful trip despite a short misunderstanding.... we really enjoyed the trip amd the way yourself came over to guide and helped us..

    You were such a wonderful person n krabi smiles had earned a 7 star rating from us. If there is any link or place where i can comment on krabi smiles and about you, im glad to comment of how happy and satisfied we are.

    Thanks alot the greatest Mr Natt and Krabi Smiles tour.... its been a wonderful trip

    Jagathesan Veera Chandran

  14. 135
    Teh Yen Tin yt_teh@keihin.net 31/10/2016 17:35

    Dear Mr Natt,

    We all safely back after an excellent day in Krabi.

    On behalf of our team I would like to thank you so much for our tour guide Mr Din and you Mr Natt hospitality, care and attention during our visit.

    Thank you.



    Keihin Corp Penang

  15. 134
    Weenee Low lweenee@outlook.com 18/10/2016 21:22

    Dear Natt, 

    Thank for the service provided and tour offered for us. We do really enjoy our trip. We do hope you improve the waiting time for snorkeling, we wait for almost one an hour at the port before get up the boat. Besides that, the snorkeling tour and kayak tour really make the trip memorable and our friendly driver too. 

    Thank you. 

  16. 133
    zana madlias zanariahmadlias@gmail.com 22/09/2016 16:44

    dear mr Natt,

    thank you for good service at Krabi. see you again december.

    zana madlias 

  17. 132
    Surender Reddy surender.life@gmail.com 08/09/2016 16:00
    Hi Natt,
    Thanks a lot for the service provided , Guests are very much satisfied for the service you have given, 
    we look forward to day good business in feature.
    surender reddy
  18. 131
    Kitty nightcat82@hotmail.com 02/08/2016 20:42


    I am very pleased with your service, your tour guides are all very helpfull and friendly. Thank you so much for   guiding us from 29 till 1st Aug. 

    Thank you.

  19. 130
    SufIdaia sufidaia8793@gmail.com 28/06/2016 10:15

    Hi Natt..

    This is long overdued review. 

    Anyway I booked a 5day honeymoon package (3 Nov- 7 Nov2015) with Krabi Smile, and it is definitely the best decision.

    Everything was all included in the package (except for flight and personal expenses)

    3 Nov : City Tour.......Lunch

    4 Nov : Island Hopping (Baracuda)...... Breakfast + Lunch 

    5 Nov : Elephant Trekking + Honeymoon Massage...... Breakfast + CandleLight Dinner(Lemon Restaurant)

    6 Nov : Island Hopping (Baracuda) ....... Breakfast + Lunch

    7 Nov : Checkout.... Breakfast

    Upon our arrival at Krabi Airport, we were picked up by a tour guide, very friendly and easygoing guy. He has an average command of English, which is important, so he could explain to us about the places of interest during the sightseeing.After lunch and sightseeing, on the way to the hotel,  the tour guide explain to us about the itinerary for the rest of the days, I inquired about the elephant trekking, and he arranged for me to do the activity, before our massage.

    We arrived at our hotel, Apasari Resort. I will rate 4/5 for this resort : friendly staff and very cosy. My room was also decorated with honeymoon decoration and is really beautiful.. The resort is also very convenient to go out towards the main road and has a line of (halal) food cafes right in front of it as well as a few supermarkets /convenience stores.

    The only downside was that the resort was 

    1) not wi-fi covered in the rooms (it is chargeable) ; so to upload pictures, or use the internet , we had to be at the lobby.

    2) The resort wasn't a pro-halal resort (which I specifically requested it to be halal) as one of the days, there was pork ham served at the breakfast buffet. (Was very disappointed then, but avoided those)

    What I like was the fact that our island hopping fees are all included in the package, that the only thing we had to do was to be present for departure unlike other tourists, who had to pay and book by themselves, on that day itself. The island hopping (for both days) was one of the memorable activities we did during the honeymoon.

    Elephant Trekking was great and so was the massage; however the massage was only 2 hrs massage and 30 mins sauna, I was expecting a better combo of scrub-massage-milk bath-sauna.

    Candlelight dinner was also awesome, we dine in the dark by the seaside, with very delicious dishes.

    On the last day, i requested for late check out and it was taken into consideration. I really appreciate the nice thoughts.

    All in all, we had a great time! KrabiSmile is definitely legit and trust-able company.

    We will come again and book through here!

    Will recommend others to book their Krabi trip via this webpage too!




  20. 129
    Sarah Chandran wathy268@hotmail.com 16/06/2016 07:29

    Dear Natt,

    Thank you for the wonderful arrangements that you have done during our stay. It was simply fantastic. I will definitely recommend krabi smile service to all my friends and family.

    Keep up with the excellent service. Looking forward to see you the next time round.

    Thank you once again!


    Sarah ,  


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